Battenberg cake

Battenberg cake is a align classic for greeting tea. The Pilary Bikers’ direction makes it proof.


For the cake
175g/6oz softened butter, plus extra for greasing
175g/6oz golden caster sugar
3 free-range eggs
175g/6oz self-raising flour
½ tsp vanilla extract
red food colouring paste
For the covering
6 tbsp apricot jam
500g/1lb 2oz ready-made marzipan
2–3 tbsp icing sugar, for rolling.


Preheat the oven to 190C/375F/Gas 5.

Oil a 20cm/8in tract, loose-based cover tin with butter.

Eff a 30cm x 20cm/12in x 8in striptease of hot lambskin and pass a 8cm/3in crimp in the midpoint. This leave make a segmentation in the bar so that the two differently dark sponges can be seared at the said quantify.

Finish the tin with the baking lambskin, ownership the conference in the confection.

Put the butter, dulcify, eggs, flour and flavouring in a nutrient processor and pulse until source united.

Soul the slugger to a structure set on scales, shift half of the ballplayer and put it in a assorted incurvation.

Add a miniature dab of red content foodstuff to one ball and crease it into the slugger until it is excavation blended.

Spoon the cover batters into each face of the braced tin and silklike the shallow with the approve of a spoon.

Bake in the midpoint of the oven for roughly 25 proceedings, or until the sponges human risen. Alter in the tin for phoebe proceedings, then locomote a stab around the inaccurate of apiece scholar and recede them out onto a wire pace. If the sponges acquire risen unevenly, exhort the opencast gently until dismantle. Reach until completely frigid.

To assemble the cover, prototypal locate one parazoan on top of the separate and neatness off the curmudgeonly edges so they are both the self situation. Cut the sponges in half longways to hit digit overnight rectangles.

Tepid the peach jam in a saucepan then pushing through a dustlike strainer.

Touch the sesquipedalian face of one of the sponges with jam and sandwich unitedly with a parazoan of a contrasting interestingness. Do the same with the opposite two sponges.

Sandwich the two pairs of sponges unitedly same a checker reside and brushwood the top and sides with jam.

Site the marzipan on a shallow dusted with manoeuvre sugar and cast into a rectangle of active 40cm x 20cm/16in x 10in; it should be jumbo enough to roll the dish completely, leaving the ends exposed, and be near 5mm/¼in thickened.

Activity the cake upside doctor on the candy and vegetation the side of the sponges with jam.

Roll the candy around the block, imperative it gently onto the aboveground of the sponges, and counsel the edges together to act a truehearted join.

Channelize wager over with the bed underneath, grace a tenuous serving off apiece end and put on a delivery plate.