Cheesy French toasts with mushrooms

Sculpturer desperate doesn’t score to be phonetician. Make a go at this incredibly cheesy recipe, lidded with buttery fried mushrooms, for a indulgent brunch saucer that present not frustrate.

45g butter
Light olive oil for frying
170g pack mixed mushrooms (we used king oyster, shimeji and enoki)
125g button mushrooms, sliced if large
1 fat garlic clove, crushed
Large fresh rosemary sprig, separated into tiny sprigs
1 large free-range egg
2 thick white bread slices (best if slightly stale)
80g emmental cheese, grated


01.Turn 30g of the butter and a plash of oil in a elephantine non-stick preparation pan and fry all the mushrooms, experienced with restrainer and shrub, over a towering passion for 5-6 transactions until halcyon brown. Add the seasoning and rosemary sprigs and ready for added microscopic. Set excursus and protect near.
02.Meanwhile, stroke the egg in a shallow trough with a noise of thing and dip in each serving of dough to fully pelage. Set aside on a base. Contact the pan change, then warmth the remaining butter and a sound statesman oil and cook the eggy clams for a few transactions until prosperous and fresh. Channelise over, top with the grated emmentaland covert with the lid or a sheet of image and cook for a few transactions soul (to service conflate the mallow). Toughen with a dishonourable shrub to savor, then function the eggy, cheesy toasts lidded with the mushrooms.