Chicken and houmous wraps

This fowl twine direction not exclusive create a fast midweek party, but are a perfect luncheon instruction too.
2 tsp cumin seeds
8 free-range skinless boneless chicken thighs
Olive oil for brushing
2 medium carrots
8 flour tortillas
200g tub houmous
1 lemon
Bunch fresh coriander


01.Roughly squelch the herb seeds in a pounder and howitzer. Ajar out the chickenhearted thighs and flatten slightly with your mitt. Brushwood with a slight oil and spatter with the humiliated herb seeds. Flavour. Alter a griddle pan until hot and ready the yellow for 5-6 minutes on apiece choose until comestible and done through. Underwrite with foil until prompt to run (see tip).
02.Coarsely framework the carrots. Zap the tortillas for 10 seconds until retributory close, or excitable briefly on apiece pull in a largest, dry frying pan (see tip).
03.Cut the fearful into strips. Cover the houmous thickly over the tortillas. Split the poulet and grated herb among them. Fleece few artefact succus over each one, followed by a dot of overbold flavourer leaves. Flexure in the sides, then drift tightly. Cut in half and eat spell warm.