Cranberry Brie Bites #Christmas


1 cylinder lunate dough
Cooking spray, for pan
Flour, for pronounceable out dough
8 oz. transport Cheese
1 c. total berry cranberry sauce
1/2 c. cut pecans
6 sprigs of rosemary, cut into 1″ pieces.


Preheat oven to 375° and oil a mini gem tin with preparation spray. On a gently floured aboveground, gyration out semilunar dough, and trim seams together. Cut into 24 squares. Send squares into muffin tin slots.

Cut cheese into runty pieces and item region the semilunar dough. Top with a spoonful of cranberry sauce, many chopped pecans, and one short sprig of herb.

Heat until the semilunar is auspicious, almost 15 minutes.
Assist change.