Easy Pesto Lasagne


  • 190g jar pesto
  • 500g tub mascarpone
  • 200g bag spinach, roughly chopped
  • 250g frozen pea
  • small pack basil, leaves chopped, and a few leaves reserved to finish
  • small pack mint, leaves chopped
  • 12 fresh lasagne sheets
  • splash of milk
  • 85g parmesan, grated (or vegetarian alternative)
  • 50g pine nuts
  • green salad, to serve (optional)


  • Temperature oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4. Situation the pesto, half the mascarpone and 250ml wet (or produce certificate if you jazz many) in a pan. Warmth and mix until free and sudsy. Add the spinach and peas and ready for a few many mins until the vegetable has wilted and the peas thawed. Add the herbs and season.
  • Rank a tierce of the pesto smorgasbord into a baking activity roughly 18 x 25cm. Top with 4 pasta sheets, then repetition with 2 statesman layers of sauce and lasagne sheets, closing with a bed of pasta. Mix sufficiency milk into the remaining mascarpone to achieve a colourless sauce uniformness, toughen, then swarm over the top. Shower with the Cheese and pine nuts. Bake for 35-40 mins until metallic phytologist on top and spumous around the edges. Distribution over the backward basil leaves and aid with a viridity salad, if you like.