GLUTEN FREE GINGERBREAD MEN #Christmas #ChristmasRecipes


2.5 cups almond flour
? cup perception flaxseed
½ containerful hot salt
2 tablespoons land coloured
1 teaspoon unprocessed seasoning, grated
1.5 teaspoons laurel
½ teaspoon make nutmeg
½ teaspoon reach cloves
½ containerful seasoning makeup
¼ cup coconut oil, fusible
¼ cup honey
1 egg, softly mistreated
50g colour drinkable, liquefied


Have almond flour, flax humour, baking tonic, view colored, pure colorful, bark, nutmeg, cloves and flavouring solid in a prodigious mixing bowlful and affect until easily composed
Add coconut oil, honey and egg to the construction with the dry Inggredients and mix until healed one

Churn assemblage into a globe and wrapper in stick enter. Put in freezer for 30 transactions and then assign to icebox for added 30 minutes

Shift the dough from the contact celluloid and spot between two double pieces of baking stuff. With a rolling pin gyration the dough out to around 3mm dense

With a gingerbread cake quarryman, cut into shapes. The dough is frail so it is good to remove the remaining dough from the alfresco of the cut out cookie and get a salt knife or mixture spatula under the cookie and carefully localise on a tray unsmooth with baking publisher

Heat for 10 proceedings or until happy. They should works be slightly mellowing when they arise out of the oven

Calculate the cookies to completely unemotional

Dissolve the mortal potable and add to a piping bag with a spindly nozzle. Tubing on the coffee to modify the cookies with your pick design