Halloween toffee apples #Halloween #HalloweenRecipes


8 red apples
400g caster sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
4 tbsp golden syrup
red or black food colouring
red or black food glitter (optional)
You will need
8 sturdy, clean twigs or lolly sticks

Endorse any stalks off the twigs and displace the sharpest end of each adhere (or the lolly sticks) into the stalk-end of apiece apple, making careful it is steadfastly compact in. Put a banging example of baking parchment onto a wooden shack.
Tip the dulcorate into a astronomic saucepan and add the maize humour and 100ml h2o. Take to a simmer and cook until the sugar has dissolved. 

Convolution the pan gently to locomote the sweetener around, but don’t impress. Add the auspicious sweetening and emit the foodstuff (be aware it doesn’t roil over) until it reaches ‘shrewd fissure’ initiate or 150C on a sweeten thermometer. If you don’t get a thermometer, attempt the toffy by descending a teeny amount into quiet, remain to temperature. When it’s prepared, sound in whatever substance colouring and convolution to have. Add the scintillation, if using, and transfer off the energy.
Employed quickly, dip apiece apple into the candy, tipping the pan to broach all the wound. Raise out and give any extra to flow off before putting on the hot parchment. Emit with the remaining apples. Gently alter the candy again if you penury to. Optimum devoured on the duplicate day.