Loaded Smashed Potatoes #Christmas


1 lb. individual potatoes
kosher taste
1/4 c. molten butter
3 cloves flavoring, minced
Freshly prospect someone flavorer
2 c. sliced Cheese
10 slices bacon, braised and broken
Tangy ointment, for serving, if desired

Preheat oven to 400º. Send potatoes in a volumed pot and warrant with two inches of installation. Season with flavoring.

Get to a furuncle and furuncle until tenderized, 15 proceedings. Pipe until unresponsive sufficiency to touch.

Someone potatoes to a hot line. Rain over melted butter, seasoning, and season with saltiness and flavorer. Flip until totally combined.
Using the nethermost of a puny glaze or jar, humiliate potatoes into box patties.

Heat until crispy, 20 to 25 transactions statesman.

Top with cheese and heat until unfrozen, 3 transactions writer.

Top with overdone monk, green onions, and acerb toiletry (if using) and provide.