Oxtail Soup Seasoning and How to Make Oxtail Soup

How do you make Oxtail Soup? In this recipe, we will share a complete tutorial on how to cook Oxtail Soup easily and certainly no less delicious.

Take it easy for the tutorial on how to make Oxtail Soup which we will explain, this only requires 13 materials and 8 steps.

13 Ingredients for Cooking Oxtail Soup

To be able to make Oxtail Soup in this tutorial, you only need 13 ingredients. So please prepare the ingredients in advance as below.

  1. Prepare Oxtail – .
  2. Prepare Carrots – .
  3. Prepare Chickpeas – .
  4. Prepare Potatoes – .
  5. Prepare Seasoning – .
  6. Prepare Garlic – 5.
  7. Prepare Shallots – 1.
  8. Prepare Pecan – 2.
  9. Prepare ground peppercorns – 1/2 tsp.
  10. Prepare powdered nutmeg – A pinch.
  11. Prepare Ginger – 1 internode of fingers.
  12. Prepare clove buds – 4.
  13. Prepare Leeks, tomatoes, celery – to taste.

8 Stages of Cooking Oxtail Soup

If you have prepared the 13 ingredients above. Next, you see the full steps to make Oxtail Soup below.

  • Boil the oxtail with 1 piece of geprek garlic and additionally geprek ginger. If you want clean soup results, you can use the second boiled water. If you want to be practical, just clean the top of the fat that floats.
  • Fry garlic and pecan.
  • Puree pecan fried garlic, and onion.
  • Put in a decoction of already tender oxtails.
  • Put the chopped vegetable.
  • Add nutmeg, pepper and cloves.
  • Wait for it to boil, add the leeks and the fritters fried. It can also be tomatoes and celery to taste. (I wear large pieces to give the soup a clean impression).
  • Ready to be served ^^.

How it is very easy is not the way to make this Oxtail Soup. Please try it at home. Good luck and happy tasting. Please take a look and read a collection of other delicious and easy recipes as well.

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