Populer Recipe of Yellow Seasoning Chicken Opor

Making yellow seasoning chicken opor is easy, yummy, practical. Opor Chicken seasoning yellow. chicken meat, cut to taste•water•instant coconut milk•shallots•garlic•coriander•cumin•pecan. Delicious yellow seasoning chicken opor. chicken (I use wings and thighs only)•Lime•ginger (keprek)•coconut milk kanil•Fine seasoning for gravy :•onions. The seasoning seasonings for chicken opor yellow spices are onion, garlic, ginger turmeric, galangal, and other seasoning ingredients.

Yellow seasoning chicken opor

Chicken opor seasoning is actually easy and easy for mothers, but in reality until now there are still many mothers and mothers who do not understand how to make it.

Well, the chicken opor itself turns out to have many variations.

In various regions, what is often found is the yellow chicken opor.

In the afternoon, Mami, now you can prepare a recipe for yellow seasoned chicken opor with 17 ingredients and 3 stages. Here’s how to make bun, please observe ya bun.

In cooking, there are several levels that should be done, starting from preparing ingredients, cooking tools, and also understanding the system of starting from the beginning until the dish is ready to be carried out and felt. Make sure Mami has enough time and is not thinking about anything else, because it will cause the food to burn, the taste is not worth wanting, and many others.

Ingredients Of Yellow Seasoning Chicken Opor

  1. Required : chicken (cut into 8-10 pieces).
  2. Prepare : lemongrass.
  3. Prepare : bay leaf.
  4. It will take : orange leaves.
  5. Preparing : salt.
  6. Required : mushroom broth.
  7. Required: 65ml size kara coconut milk.
  8. Prepare : galangal.
  9. Required: granulated sugar.
  10. Required : Fine seasoning.
  11. It will take: shallots.
  12. Prepare : garlic.
  13. Prepare : cumin.
  14. Needed : turmeric (burned for a while to make it fragrant).
  15. Prepare : pecan.
  16. Prepare: pepper powder.
  17. Required: coriander powder.

As the name suggests, this menu uses turmeric as a dye combined with coconut milk, orange leaves and other spices.

Although the chicken opor can be cooked according to taste, the dosage of ingredients and seasonings must be just right.

Chicken opor is a culinary dish made from chicken which is very distinctive of Inonesia Chicken  which is used to make this chicken opor usually wrapped in yellow spices so that this one dish has a diverse taste gambar of distinctive and savory spices.

A complete explanation of the Delicious, Savory, and Easy Chicken Opor Recipe.

If all the composition of the yellow seasoning chicken Opor is ready, we go into the cooking stage. here below is how to cook easily.

Stages of cooking yellow seasoning chicken Opor

  1. Boil the chicken first. While waiting for the chicken stew, stir-fry the fine spices. Enter the leaves of lemongrass (keprek), galangal (keprek), bay leaf, orange leaf. Sauté until fragrant and change colour and the smell of the langu is gone.
  2. Add the water in the stir fry, stirring2 until it boils. Pour the stir-fry solution into a pot of chicken stew. Stir evenly..
  3. Put sugar, salt, mushroom broth. Mix well. If the water is already boiling and the chicken is cooked, put the coconut milk kara. Stir2 to boil. Taste correction. If the taste is just right, turn off the heat. The yellow seasoned chicken opor is ready to be eaten.

Made from Indonesian Spices and Spices.

Chicken Opor Recipe – Indonesia is a country famous for its spice-rich cuisine.

One of the famous culinary menus among the people. how to make chicken opor and Eid chicken opor recipe complete how to cook yellow chicken opor complete with special tofu chicken opor seasoning ingredients how to make chicken opor – Wikipedia version chicken opor is a famous dish in Indonesia.

Chicken opor is a dish that is processed with the basic ingredients of chicken meat, coconut milk, and various seasonings such as kencur, lemongrass, and so on.

In Javanese tradition, chicken opor is usually served during Eid.

That’s an easy formulasi to quickly make a yellow seasoning chicken Opor recipe, mothers can also look for more interesting culinary recipes on our situs, there are thousands of various recipes for indonesian food and we will continue to add and develop. Starting from healthy dishes that are easy, delicious, and nutritious to fatty, difficult, complicated, spicy, sweet, salty-sour culinary are on our web.

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