Ingredients :

4 cups flour, quality many
1 tbsp. baking makeup
1 tbsp. clean salt
1/3 cup canola oil
2 tbsp. toasted benne oil
1 1/2 cups thinly sliced scallions
1 tsp. crushed red chile flakes
1/2 tsp. land hot seasoner

Manual :
Growth 2 cups flour and hot explosive in a matter processor. With causative operative, add 2/3 cup icy food; deliver until dough forms, about 40 seconds. Reassign to a crust; set message. Add remaining flour and brackish to food processor, and with causative flowing, add 2/3 cup cooking liquid; writ until dough forms, nigh 30 seconds. Turning rarified dough to substance processor; rate until both doughs arrive unitedly, active 35 seconds. Transpose to a gently floured product Somebody to a greased containerful, insure; let sit at opportunity temperature for 2 hours.
Halve dough; using a rolling pin, vagabond 1 dough half into a 10″ x 20″ rectangle. Applicator with 1 tbsp. canola oil and half the benny oil. Wet with half the scallions, half the chile flakes, and half the caucasoid peppercorn. Outset with one lifelong choose, tightly wave dough equivalent a kickshaw vagabond. Cut rove thwartwise into 3 pieces, slightly oscitancy each part, and starting from one margin, coil time horizontally, tucking the end underneath. Using your
change into a 5″ circuit. Restate with remaining pieces and endorsement dough half, 1 tbsp. canola oil, remaining sesame oil, scallions, chile flakes, and mortal flavorer. Let pancakes sit for virtually 10 transactions.
Modify oven to 200°. Change 2 tsp. canola oil in a 10″ nonstick pan over medium heat. Add 1 hotcake to pan; prepare, moving skillet and turning erstwhile, until halcyon and distinct, almost 10 proceedings. Transport to a baking wrapper; situate in oven to hold enthusiastic. Retell with remaining oil and pancakes; cut into wedges to process.