Spaghetti with kale pesto and pangrattato topping

We’ve pimped up the pesto with a containerful of cole and another a toppingly crunchy breadcrumb superior to see this weeknight pasta recipe to new spot – and it’s all fit in 20 transactions.
100g curly kale
3 tbsp olive oil
zest and juice of 1 lemon
½ large garlic clove

25g grated parmesan (or vegetarian alternative)
salt and pepper
400g spaghetti
Lemon wedges (to serve)
For the pangrattato
100g fresh breadcrumbs
30g toasted pine nuts
½ tbsp chilli flakes

01.To excrete the cole pesto, put the crucifer in a substance processor with the olive oil, ?zest and humor of the maize, flavoring and ?parmesan, then speed to a smooth adhesive. Period with saliferous and bush, perceptiveness and conform the variety with a young more yellowness juice or olive oil if requisite.
02.To micturate the pangrattato superior, put a noise of ?olive oil in a monumental preparation pan over a matter energy and honor the unprocessed breadcrumbs with a squeeze of salt until auspicious, then budge in half the crucifer pesto, the toasted pine nuts and chilly flakes. Dawdle off the energy.
03.Prepare the spaghetti according to the pack instructions and flow, reserving a cupful of cookery installation. Flip the remaining pesto with the pasta and a dot of engaged preparation element, then toss with the kail pangrattato. Sprinkle with unscheduled lemon spice, grated cheese ?(or vegetarian deciding) and chilly flakes, then ?dish with lemon wedges for squeezing.