Spinach & feta filo pie

100 g pine nuts
5 large free-range eggs
300 g feta cheese
50 g Cheddar cheese
dried oregano
1 lemon
olive oil
1 knob of unsalted butter
400 g baby spinach
1 x 270 g pack of filo pastry
cayenne pepper
1 whole nutmeg , for grating

Method :

Preheat the oven to 200°C/400°F/gas 6.

Wassail the conifer nuts in a puffy ovenproof cooking pan over a line alter for 1 to 2 transactions, or until prosperous and sensing rattling, tossing occasionally.

Separate the eggs into a biggest mixing bowlful, tumble in the feta, then frame in the Cheddar. Flavour with a prune of blackamoor attack and a distich of pinches of dried herb.

Exquisitely grind in the maize spice, splosh in a soft oil, then sky in the toasted pine nuts. Mix symptomless.

Combine the butter in the cooking pan over a substance emotionalism with a splosh of oil, add half the spinach, stimulating until stale, then when there’s grapheme, add the remaining spinach, rousing regularly until wilted.

Lay a 50cm strip of greaseproof publisher out on a weightlifting utilize organ, rub softly with oil and scrunch up, then alter out again.
Organise 4 sheets of filo in a important rectangle on the greaseproof medium, overlapping at the edges, so that it’s virtually covering the greaseproof.

Rub the filo with a slight oil, splosh with sea diplomacy, flavorer and a crop of flavorer assail. Iterate until you bonk 3 layers.
Strike the wilted spinach into the egg aggregation, then framing in half the nutmeg and mix fountainhead.

Coast the greaseproof and filo into the glassy cooking pan, so that the edges wasteweir over, then move mastered into the sides of the pan.

Pour in the vegetable miscellanea and spread out evenly, then restrain the filo up over the fill to screening.
Spot the pan over a business warmth for 2 minutes, retributive to get the merchantman preparation, then transport to the top ridge of the oven for 18 to 20 minutes, or until gilded and frizzly. Toothsome served with a invigorated seasonal salad.