Tasty Honey, Apricot, And almond Goat Cheese Spread

Honey, Apricot, and Almond Goat Cheese unfold: This smooth, tacky appetizer will add a burst of shade and a whole lot of deliciousness on your vacation table!

To me, appetizers are regularly more thrilling than the primary occasion. Entrees are first-rate and dessert is just peachy, but to me the fun actually lies within the pre-meal nosh.


  • four-5 dried apricots (chopped)
  • 2-three tsp sparkling chopped parsley or basil
  • 1/four-1/2 cup apricot preserves
  • honey for drizzling
  • 8 ouncesgoat cheese or cream cheese
  • 1/3 cup lightly salted almonds

Serve With:

  • sparkling sliced granny smith apple
  • an collection of crackers


  • do away with goat cheese from protective packaging and melt to room temperature.
  • unfold fresh preserves on a cheese tray or serving platter.
  • place your almonds in a bag or between  sheets of paper towel and crush using a blunt item, like a tumbler olive oil bottle.
  • next chop your apricots and blend together with the almonds and parsley.
  • Roll your goat cheese in the mixture, urgent gently to coat.
  • Set the goat cheese log atop the preserves and surround with crackers and fresh fruit.
  • end it off with a hearty drizzle of honey and you are excellent to go!