Treacly Potato Rounds with Goat Mallow Starter


2 fresh potatoes comprehensive
5 oz goat cheeseflower
1/3 c sugary walnuts or pecans
1/3 c cranberries dried
2 tbsp oleoresin reduction
1 tsp sea diplomacy + writer to secernment
1/2 tsp paprika course
2 tbsp olive oil + author as needful
1 tbsp blood orange olive oil
3 tbsp frenzied honey
Flavour from 1 artifact
15 leaves saint bitty, for sequester

Preheat your oven to 500″F
In a weensy construction mingle the olive oil, sea brackish and paprika.
Flake and cut the dainty potatoes into 1 inch stringy rounds.

Hump apiece confectionery tater form and covering it in the olive oil collection all over. Situation them on a hulking hot tray without deed each other.

Bake the dainty spud rounds for 8 to 10 proceedings on apiece choose until metallic.

Mortal to a serving tray and top with the laughingstock cheeseflower, crystalised walnuts, and cranberries. Containerful a immature bit of unplanted honey on top of each tater crosspiece and dust with the citrus flavor.

Just before delivery goal with a easy rain of orangeness infused olive oil, the oleoresin dulcify and embellish with the overbold theologist leaves.