Make a Perfect Crack Dip Recipe

This crack dip recipe can make you completely addictive. The cold crack dip is the creamy sour cream with the base of dip filled and rance, bacon and cheese.

So, actually, this is literally a dip which is known as the crack dip should be good. For many people, the name shows that it makes you addicted.

Perfect Crack Dip Recipe


You will lose your self control for it. You end up getting too much eating and you do not care. So, this is a very good cream sauce. Everything always is better with bacon on it.

What is a crack dip?

There is no idea where the crack dip with bacon came from. Many sources do not tell who come up with this idea first. As mentioned before that anything will taste better with bacon.

So, what is the crack dip?

This is one of the incredible sauces ever. The basic combination comes from cheddar, bacon and something creamy to mix those ingredients into a delicious sauce. As mentioned before that this crack dip gets its name since it is so addicting.

A good thing that this crack dip with bacon was naturally free of gluten and low carb level. It is not too high in calories as you ever imagined before you reach this point.

For other references, you can try bacon-wrapped with asparagus as the tasty appetizer. You may know that this recipe calls for chilling it first around 24 hours before you serve it.

It may sound just like forever, but it is so tempting and you can make an incredible resolution and you cannot do anything instead look at this menu forever. Shortly, you are going to wait 24 hours.

Crack Dip Recipe

Prep Time : 5 mins
Additional Time : one day
Total Time : one day 5 minutes
This recipe was named to make you totally addicting. You can check for ingredients and instructions below.


  • 16 ounces for regular or light sour cream
  • Add the homemade Ranch Dressing Mix
  • 1 cup for the sliced cheddar cheese
  • 2 slices for bacon and finely chopped and cooked – it can be used for garnish
  • 1 sliced scallion


  1. You need to mix the sour cream first, then pour the ranch dressing mix, bacon slices and cheese in your medium-sized bowl. You need to freeze this mixture for 24 hours
  2. You can add the scallions with the extra bacon – you can serve it with tasty chips as well
  3. Keep in mind if you do not have the ranch dip mix, you are also able to use the ranch dressing mix as well. If you cannot find the green onions since they may be out of season, then you can use the chives as well.

What things you can serve with crack dip recipe?
There are so many healthy options when you talk to what to serve with this recipe. Usually, the crowd can choose the ordinary corn tortilla chips, but there are so many ways to keep your crack dipping sauce stay healthy and lower carb as well.

One of the favorite ways to enjoy this warm sauce is combined with the homemade and low carb tortilla chips or even simple paleo crackers as well.

Both of them are so tasty and make your friends and family which are not low carb, they will enjoy them.

If you think that make crackers or chips involve too much work, then you can make it simple with the big plate of veggies. It’s never wrong for sure. Even you can serve this crack drop with the carrots and broccoli.

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This is how you make tasty perfect crack dip recipe for your family. Enjoying it whit your family and your friends at home. Please try and practice by yourself.

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